Wednesday, July 28, 2021

An Agile Approach to Life

Suppose we looked at life as a project. And what if we decided to manage our life using the "agile" approach?

An agile approach—to follow the industry usage, I should just say—agile is a technique of managing a process where the focus is on specific, incremental steps where each step plays a specific and necessary part in reaching the larger goal. (I probably just infuriated the agile experts with this gross generalization!)

What if we looked at life that way? What if we managed our life using an agile approach?

Instead of setting out to become rich, we set out to pay off one credit card? We know that a diploma is our long term gaol, so applying to a program that offers that diploma is the first step. Instead of looking at the end-goal, we pay attention to the first step, with our eyes on the next step to follow.

In the near future, I'll be talking about this idea, so stick around. Maybe an agile approach to life will work for you!

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