Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Set Your Sights Low

If you do nothing long enough, nothing will get done. If you don't go any where, you'll end up nowhere.

Nothing is very easy. Planning and executing is hard. But…

There is an old saying which says that if you aim for nothing, that's what you'll hit. It is very true.

If you want more than what you have, you need to make a plan. You need to make changes. You need to execute that plan and set out on the path away from mediocrity.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

All That Shines Isn't…

I was told recently that they way I said something—something that was utterly ridiculous—made it sound real. My bold claim came off in such a way that the absurdity of it was obscured.

This is a very scary lesson.

The face-value of information can be obfuscated by the presentation. A shiny package of news, ideas, and data can create the illusion of correctness and authority.

Don't be fooled! Dig deeper. Ask questions. Look at what's not said, not reported.

Don't get caught up by the way it comes across. Find out what is real and what is not.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

About That Virtual Classroom

The year 2020 ushered in many changes to how people live their lives. Among those was the rapid increase in using distance communication systems in business and education.

Within the business community, systems like (and predating) WebEx and GoToMeeting have had a place for over a decade, with Google Meets and other platforms making inroads.

Distance learning within education is not new, either, but…

But… With 2020, an enormous shift to distance learning occurred. And not everyone made the shift willingly. Many were compelled by COVID19 to make that shift.

While the shift to virtual meetings and classrooms has been difficult for many people to embrace, for others, it was a natural shift. Many of the students have grown up watching livestreams for their favorite games and other pass-times. They are accustomed to the feel of them, to how they worked.

Probably far more so than their teachers!

Students of the 21st Century may not LIKE virtual learning. But, they are more than able to navigate it and use it effectively.

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Pickles Are Too Close To True

I made a video recently calming that there was no such thing as cumber farms. That their existence was only part of a conspiracy.

I went on to say that anyone who refuted my claim was part of the conspiracy.

That turns out to be very scary. Because accusing someone of something raises suspicion. Though in the USA people are innocent until proven guilty, it is impossible to prove something doesn't exist.

You can't prove you are NOT part of the cucumber conspiracy. The best you can do is say you've never been proven guilty of being part of it. That doesn't mean you're NOT.

It only means that you have never been caught doing anything that proves you are.

And those who wish to believe you are can hold on to their suspicions.

This… This is scary.

You Are Not What You Do

Who do you think you are? Well, you are not what you do?

What you do for a living does not determine who you are. It does not directly reflect your character, your heart.

HOW you do whatever it is does.

No matter what your job is, how you go about doing it is a direct reflection on your character. Do you do it with integrity? Do you do it honestly? Do you put in your best effort? Do you do it while showing kindness and regard to those you encounter?

It is not what you do that defines your character. It is how you do it.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Do Not Wait For Luck

Do not wait for luck.

Do not sit back and wait for good fortune to come to you. It probably won't.

If you have a dream… a goal… something you want to accomplish with your life, set yourself to the task. Take a step. Then another one.

Success is far more often the result of luck than some random act of chance. Success is far more likely to follow behind effort and hard work than it is to come along all on its own, out of no where.

Do not wait for luck.

Make your own path to your dreams.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Water The Grass You Want Green

If you want your grass to grow, you probably need to water it. The grass you water will be the grass that grows.

What areas of you life do you want to see made better? This is the grass you need to water.

And the water that makes it grow is the time, energy, and resources you put in. If there is something you want improved, you have to put in the effort to improve it.

Decide what it is you really want. Then water the grass you want green.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Stop Telling People They Are Fine

Being nice is one thing. Encouraging bad behavior is totally something different.

As an act of kindness, people often tell others not to worry about what other say. They tell them, "Don't worry! You're fine just the way you are!"

This is just not true. Some people are mean. Some people are lazy. Some people look down on others. They are NOT fine, just the way they are.

Many people act in ways that hurt others or leave them isolated and alone. They need to change!

Telling people that they are fine, just the way they are, gives them an excuse to stay stuck in bad ways of acting.

Maybe they need to change.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It Was Only A Dream

People live their lives in a constant tension between what is and what could be. For many, this tension leaves a wide gap between their reality and their dreams.

Don't be fooled by their smiles, their facade of acceptance.

Common in many circles is to ask, "How are you doing?"

Commonly, the answer is "Oh, just fine!"

Keep your mind open to the possibility that things are not just fine. That they may be far less than fine.

Maybe you can do something to help them span the gap.

Look around you. Who needs to be encouraged?

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Follow The Money

If you, want to understand the news, follow the money.

The people who work on news teams don't do so without pay. The cameras and studios… cost money!

News agencies depend on something in order to get the money to pay for their expenses. In most cases, that money comes from the commercials they sell.

Even the not-for-profit news agencies have to protect their funding. They dare not offend the people paying their bills.

News is a business. They have to sell their programming to the people who buy the commercials, and to do that, they create drama and controversy so that their audience continues to be interested.

So, behind the news team, the production team, and everyone else is the sales team. They keep a pulse on the commercial buyers and make sure programming keeps them happy.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Pickles Are Not Funny

It's easy to win an argument if every opposing point of view is proven to be false information, fake news, or part of a plot to prove you wrong.

You can use this technique to win every debate!

First, make a claim.

Then, back that up with some "evidence." It can be sketchy or only half reliable.

Next, state the "fact" that nay evidence or facts different from your point of view is part of a conspiracy to prove the opposing point of view. Anything that disputes your claim is fake, false, or intentionally misleading.

The scary thing… This his how discussions go in 2020.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Decisions Have Consequences

Decisions do not happen in a vacuum. Every decision has consequences.

Every word spoken, every dollar spent, every hour passed lead to consequences. At the very least, you cannot go back and undo what has been done.

People and circumstances will react and change based on the things you decide.

Whatever you do, whenever you decide something, there are consequences that follow. You need to be making sure that the decisions you are making are leading you toward the outcomes you'd like to have.

Before you act, think about the potential consequences of whatever it is you're thinking about doing.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Whats Important To You?

What's important to you?

I can tell. The things that are important to you are the things that you devote your time, energy, and resources to. If you spend all your time and money working on your… whatever. If so, THAT'S what's important to you.

You can't say something is important to you if you don't invest time and energy there. Well… you can SAY it. But it won't be true.

If something is important to you, you will remember it. You will invest yourself in it. It will appear as an prominent part of your day.

So… what IS important to you?

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Public Persona

 What you see is only what you see.

If you knew the whole story—whatever that is—there would likely be a lot of things not showing up on YouTube, Instagram, or whatever social media you are looking at. It is easy to point the camera in only one direction and not reveal all the clutter and chaos that would be seen if you looked the other way.

Many people who are putting things out for others to consume intentionally created a message of some sort. The use the platforms to advance that message, be it one of being funny or one of being angry at… something.

As you consume social media, make you to keep in mind that the camera only shows a small part of the whole reality.

There's probably a lot more going on off-camera!

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Encourage Others and Watch Them Grow

Many people go to great lengths to share things with others that might help them out. It's nice when the helped person shows that the gesture was useful.

But that doesn't always happen.

If you are a person who has benefited from the actions or words of another person, take a moment and let them know. It will mean a lot.

As a person who tries to share experiences and insights, when someone goes to the effort to let me know that I helped, it really means a lot to me. I'd like to encourage everyone to tel others when they have helped you.

Let the people around you know when they have helped you!

A few words of encouragement go a long way!

Friday, September 04, 2020

Finding Your Life Mission

How do you find your life mission? It's a quest!

Finding your mission isn't something you can sit down and do over a cup of coffee. Not unless you've poured a lot of time into thinking about it before you hit the brew button!

If a life mission is defined as that thing, that idea, those practices and standards under which is organized all of the things you spend time and resources on, then developing a life mission begins when finding a deep, clear understanding of your personal beliefs and values.

Knowing what you believe to be important and knowing what has real value to you if a first vital step in setting a mission that will guide all you do.

Many people follow organized systems of belief. If that is the case, then start there. What, according to what you believe, is the purpose of the created person?

That purpose must be part of the foundation on which your personal mission is built.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Where Are You Going?

If you don't have a direction for your life, goals, and missions, then you might be wandering around in circles, never getting to anything significant.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

How Are You Using Your Voice?

You have a voice. It is what you say and what you do.

How are you using it?

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you probably are coming in contact with people, either face-to-face or through social media or other Internet means. What do your words and actions say to them?

Are you using your "voice" to lift them up? To spread positivity? Are you encouraging people and helping them become better versions of themselves?

Use your words and actions in a way that makes life a little better for people around you.

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Stand Your Ground

Being able to adapt is a great way of enhancing your chance at success. Being flexible in how you do things can help you work with others. Things don't always have to be done YOUR way.


There is another side to this. If you are always the one giving in and changing to fit what you do into the ways other people want to see it done might be tiring. You might ultimately find yourself just worn down by always being the one who gives in.

In a good situation, there should be some give and take. Sometimes, YOUR way should be accommodated.

Being cooperative and flexible are good, when working with others, but sometimes you need to stand your ground and not bet pushed around.