Friday, November 20, 2020

You Still Had Enough Time, But…

So, that guy didn't get his sales presentation done, but he built a massive castle in Minecraft? Don't be too quick to judge!

Accomplishing things requires…

putting in the time…
to use the necessary tools…
in the correct way…
such that everything comes together as the final product.

It is possible that the "thing" didn't get done, not because the person decided to waste their time on a Minecraft castle but rather because their environment lacked the necessary tools… Or perhaps they did not have the necessary skills.

Don't be too quick to blame how they used their time. Perhaps there is another reason!   

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Don't Expect The Problem To Adapt To You

There is a disease in our society. No, I'm not talking about COVID.

I'm talking about the proclivity to find excuses instead of solutions. It is pervasive in the culture of now, this early 21st Century first-world way of doing things.

Here's the thing. There comes a time when people have to step up and face the problems without expecting the problem adapt to their limitations and weaknesses. There comes a time when WE have to change how WE do things in order to overcome the problem.

(Maybe I am talking about COVID? Masks? Social distancing?)

Stop expecting the problem to adapt. In the larger scope of life… nah… the problems won't cater to our wishes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Stop Looking For Excuses

Getting everything done on time… is hard. Sometimes.

People who tend to not get things done also tend to have a zillion reasons why. They frequently spend big chunks of time explaining all the reasons (excuses) for not fulfilling their responsibilities.


Just do it. 

Stop looking for excuses for why you didn't do things and start looking for solutions to get them done.