Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cautionary Combos

In the course of day-to-day life, there are products that we use fairly regularly that, while used in a common location serve far from common purposes. For example bleach and fabric softener are used, both, in the laundry but for very different reasons.

I have noticed in my bathroom that I store certain products in areas where they are convenient. However in doing this, I introduce a huge risk, at times! Mixing up some products could really have--let's go with "undesirable"--outcomes! Fortunately, so far, I have not mixed any of these up!

Here are a few things that, while kept together, ought not be interchanged:

Don't let the flip-top caps fool
you! These products are
NOT interchangeable!
  • On the back of the commode: Clorox® disinfectant wipes ≠ Cottonelle wipes

  • Under the sink: Windex® bulk refill ≠ Listerine® Cool Mint mouthwash

  • In the shower: Soft Scrub® ≠ shampoo

  • In the medicine cabinet: A&D Ointment® ≠ toothpaste

I am sure there are many others and in other areas of the home!

I want to invite you to add comments with your own cautionary combos!