Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You Had Enough Time

Oh, you had enough time.

You had the same about of time as you always have had. You had the same about of time as everyone else.

You just used your time to do different things.

Instead of doing whatever it is that "you didn't have enough time" to do, you used your time on other things.

Maybe you have priorities, and something that was of highest importance demanded you use your time there. The thing you didn't do might have been less important.

But many times, it is the thing that is unpleasant, no matter how important that gets left undone. 

You have a certain amount of time, each day, every day. Look at your priorities and make sure the important things are being allotted the time needed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Neither Too Young Nor Too Old

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? SURE YOU CAN!

You are never too old to learn something new. And you are never too old to find a new dream or set new goals.

And you are never too young to start doing the same thing!

No matter how old you are or how young you are, you can look around yourself and think of things you'd like to do. Things you'd like to improve. Things you'd like to make different.

Start now. Set some goals and make a plan.

You are neither too young nor too old!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Do Happy For The People Around You

Maybe you are having a bad day. You don't have to share that with everyone around you. Not everyone you meet is part of your support network. Don't let the bad things going on inside you spill out onto the random people you meet in the course of going through the day.

In other words, do happy for the people around you. Your smile and friendly demeanor might lift up the strangers you meet, just a little.

Certainly, if you are hurting, you need to be able to be real and genuine around people who care about you!

But just because you're having a bad day is no reason to take it out on the cashier! You can treat them with a little of what you'd like to be treated with.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Sociological Masks: Keep Toxic People at Bay

We've all become accustomed to using a mask to keep the toxic viruses out of our lives? What can you do about keeping toxic people from ruining your toxic attitudes?

COVID19 has accustomed many people into wearing masks designed to keep out a virus that can kill your body.

Yet, at the same time, many people regularly expose themselves to toxic personalities. Without any protection.

What are you doing to keep your self mentally healthy when people around you are polluting your environment with their toxic behaviors?

Thursday, October 08, 2020

What They Think You’re Doing

It doesn't matter what you are doing. It matters what people think you are doing.

The dark underbelly of this truth is that people can fake it. They can get by quite well if they just look like they are doing what they are supposed to do.

I want to flip this idea!

If someone is doing EVERYTHING they are supposed to be doing and doing it WELL, it also doesn't matter. Unless someone knows about it.

If you work with someone who is doing a good job, who is doing a little more than necessary, who is going the extra step… find a way of making that known!

Send them an email thanking them for helping you and CC your supervisor. Mention how helpful they are in passing to the boss.

Let their good work become known! The person in charge will be glad to know something good is going on, the colleague will benefit from the goodwill, and you will know you have done a good thing.