Friday, November 08, 2019

Your Priorities Should Guide Your Plans - s3e24

Your decisions shouldn't be made in a vacuum. That might not be true. Maybe you are in outer space, and then they would be made in a vacuum.

Anyway, I was talking metaphorically. Never mind…

In the paradigm of mission, goals, and objectives, there is a concept that has been latent in my mind over the years, but one that I have never discussed directly. That is the concept that there are different areas of our lives that afford different levels of priority.

For instance, many people would say their personal health is more important than having a nice flower garden. On the other hand, putting food on the table for the family has probably a higher priority than does getting to the next level in a video game.

Higher level priorities get first dibs on the time available.

So, back to the mission, goal, objective concept.

Agreeing that everyone's life includes priorities and different areas, I'd argue that within each area, there are sub-priorities. In the area of "family" getting a new TV might be a lower priority than getting a new hot-water heater.

That accepted, we can move on to the actual point!

Whenever an opportunity comes along, assuming it fits within the overall life mission you have established, it is necessary to examine the effect of the opportunity on the different areas of your life.

If it hurts your family, but helps you with your on-line gaming friends, should you do it? But if it helps your family AND boosts your career, then maybe it is a better choice.

Looking at the effect of something on the different areas of your life should be an integral part of making decisions. If it undermines one area while bolstering another, then the priorities you assign to those areas needs to direct what you decide.