Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And IT Begins...

It has been some time since I found myself in a position where I thought spending time writing ideas would be worthwhile. However, today, I looked up and realized I had quite a few Twitter followers. Since I so often, I feel like I need to talk more about my Tweets--to say more than the limited number of characters allow, I decided to explore options.

Long ago, I set up this blog, but never found a reason to use it. As I thought about my desire to share anecdotes, ideas, and encouragement with others, I decided to revive the old blogger account, blow off the dust, and begin to share.

I am not so vain to believe many people will take time to read what I write. Some will. My mom might... But, here, I will spend more than 140 characters on ideas and thoughts, mostly toward the theme of #LiveBetter, the direction toward which I push most of my Tweets.

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See you around the Internet!

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